Executive assessment

At Talengo we offer solutions to our clients’ diagnostic and evaluation needs.
We act as trusted advisors to determine the key qualities managers require to meet future organisational requirements

We use the most powerful diagnostic tools on the market, giving us a comprehensive vision of the profile of the executive evaluated, and the degree to which he or she is a match for a particular role.

Our team includes diagnostic experts with industry knowledge, ensuring the highest level of credibility and alignment of the diagnostic process to the executive position evaluated.

We provide rigourous, consistent executive reports that help our clients take critical decisions regarding their executive talent.

We have more than 20 years of experience

We are a recognised benchmark in executive assessment for companies that root their leadership and sustainability in excellent management and talent optimisation. The data speaks for us: we have a 95% recurrence rate among our clients. To give consistently exceptional responses to leading companies needs, we never stop investing in our greatest asset: the incredible team of professionals who make up our organisation. With the talent, professionalism, commitment and innovativeness that make the difference.

Management audit

Identifies a manager’s ability and potential to take on a new challenge


Multicultural assessment

Evaluates how readily the executive will fit in culturally in international settings.


Succession plan

Outlines options for an orderly, structured replacement of key positions to ensure business continuity



Vivian Acosta

José Ignacio Jiménez

Krista Walochik

Manuel Clavel


We are the firm that uses the most diagnostic tools
in a single process

We identify key competencies for each managerial position and use the best diagnostic tools that adapt 100% to each business situation. This provides a comprehensive view of the executive’s profile in each assessment process. Talengo’s analysis includes a sector benchmark that compares the executive to people in similar positions across related markets. As trusted advisors, each of our executive assessment processes is accompanied by a communication plan, to avoid speculation and resistence amongst participants.


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